Sale Of Lands At Our Lady's Grove

The last remaining green space on the campus of Our Lady's Grove schools is being sold to private developers by the current owners, the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary. We would like to raise awareness of this issue and are therefore asking parents at the school, and other local residents, to get involved and join us in contacting public representatives.

If you feel strongly about the sale of land at Our Lady's Grove schools, please write to your local public representatives (you can find their email addresses here). You can write whatever you feel is appropriate. If you are stuck for what to say, you can copy and paste the letter on our blog here.

What Do The Parents Of OLG Want?

1. We want our Council public representatives to use their powers to protect school lands. We recognise this issue has gone far beyond just one field that's for sale in OLG. This is an issue of national importance. It's absurd that 93 out of 105 school lands in DLR are zoned residential. These lands need to be protected, and there should be measures introduced now that place an immediate protection on these lands.

2. We want this motion to be used as a signal/catalyst that there is a serious issue that needs to be tackled here. Please consider it your responsibility to give this issue even higher visibility through the supporting of this motion. The press have been notified of this vote and there is no doubt there will be a lot of public interest in it.

3. We want the Dept of Education to step up to their responsibility and ensure that the current and future generations of school children in the area have adequate educational facilities. Considering the huge amount of current and future development happening in, and on the borders, of the schools' catchment area - this is imperative. Richard Bruton's statement that it is the Archbishop's responsibility to ensure that adequate provision is being made is not good enough. The Minister has the ultimate responsibility to educate Ireland's citizens, and he should act accordingly.

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We have also set up an online petition. This petition can be found here.

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Join the fight! We need to put a stop to the sale of land around our schools!

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Continue to engage with all DLR Councillors, T.D.'s and the Minister for Education on this urgent issue for our school and indeed all schools in DLR and beyond.


  1. Hopefully we can use this blog to build a community of people concerned with the sale and development of Our Lady's Grove land. It will be useful for sharing information on what's going on and discuss the issues. Also we should post any ideas on action we can take...

  2. Is there any vetting being done for the people buying houses on school grounds?


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